Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pre Easter Arrival

Saturday morning at 1:10 am I hear "Mom.......Mom my water broke!"
I fly out of bed wake up Jim and Michael and proceed to get everything Brittany needs to go to hospital. I enter living room and she is just standing there. Not moving just watching us. I realize she needs a towel for herself.
As the commotion in the house begins I tell her to call the hospital and let them know we are on our way.
In the car we both begin our designated phone calls to make.
We get to hospital, get her in the delivery room and begin all the motions involved. As her mom watching her go through all the pain with contractions my heart breaks because I can not make the pain stop.
Slowly but surely others begin to show up at the hospital.(not by my choice on some)She is in so much pain and is really not up to having people visit but she still allows them to.
Later in the morning she is given a epidermal and her pain is relieved and with that stress relieved she is beginning to dilate more. Her girlfriends arrive to spend time with her and to be here for her special day.
As the day progresses more and more friends and family arrive at the hospital.
Final at 5:39 pm Ian David arrives. I had the pleasure of being my daughters birthing coach and be apart of my grand son's birth.
Unfortunately there were some complications after the birth there fore the guest I call Ian's fan club had to wait to see him. Some were very upset about the wait. Some were completely understanding or decided to visit another day.
All I can say that I am truly blessed for the family and friends that came and took over the small waiting room on the arrival of a very precious gift from god.
All things are well and today they come home.