Thursday, July 23, 2009


Yesterday we learned that my husbands grandfather passed away. It was is mothers father. I sensed a pattern. A few months after my mom passed my grandma also passed. I of course was selfish at that time and feeling that it was all not fair. I could not understand why god would put myself and my family through so much in such a short period of time. I will admit I was angry, hurt, and lost. I now understand that god never puts more than you can handle in front of you.
I still cry and miss my mom. And I know it is OK for me to do that. I am no longer angry.
I know I really do not share my feelings here but today is different.
Today I will cry a lot. Not in sadness but in joy of the lives my loved ones have lived. To know they are at peace. And walking with the lord. I thought I would share a email I got recently:

I had an unexpected visitor this morning. He arrived early; sat down with me and chatted for awhile about how things were currently going for me in my life. After carefully and compassionately listening to all that I had to say, He saw the stress on my face and the tears in my eyes. He walked over to me and gently held me for awhile because I was having a really bad morning. Then, after reassuring me not to worry,and that everything would work out for me and be just fine, He asked me if I knew of anyone else who could use a visit from Him. I immediately thought of you. I gave him your name and told Him where you lived. He gave me another reassuring hug and I thanked Him and walked with Him to my front door. He told me that he was on His way to your place. When He gets there, please escort Him to the next stop. Please don't allow Him to sleep on your PC. The message He is carrying is very important and needs to go around. I asked Him to bless you and yours with peace, happiness and abundance. Say a prayer, and then pass Him on to bless others as I sent him on to bless you. Our assignment is to spread love, respect and kindness throughout the world. Have a blessed day and touch some body's life today as I hope I have touched your life. He's walking around the world via e-mail! Please pass it on so He can get there....

I felt it was a good message for me.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A day in MN

Dust devil. As I was sitting at a Flea Market and all of a sudden you see a mini twister.
Rush Lake 30in Northern. To big to take home had to throw back.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Elephant,1004ft Ship, Fish ect........

We headed north for the 4th. We decided to go to sight see around Cloquet and Duluth area.
Just like we did last year. We have decided to make this a tradition. While we were in Cloquet we saw a family that were setting up their small family circus. They had elephant rides. So, the kids wanted to ride it. Who am I to miss taking a picture of that.
Next we stopped at this fort.

Morning of the 4th. I decided to make my little man very patriotic.

The sail ship the Sullivan came in to port in Duluth

My wonderful children aboard the ship

What a beautiful ship. I wish we could have seen it with the sails up.

And what would the 4th be with out visiting Lady Liberty

Catching rays on a bronze airbed

Bronze sturgeon anyone

At the Aquarium. Stingray anyone

I wish that quality was better. This Muskie was at least 4ft. Imagine
catching him on your line. He had a real interest in my girl. Was just watching every
move she made.

I really do not know what this fish was but it was so funny to watch.

Here we are playing in the water way.

This is the Edgar B. Speer. Working its way in to port.

This ship was 1004 feet long

Some of the crew as the ship goes by.

Hanging out on the shore skipping rocks.
(I took pictures of just the rocks but the Oldest girl told me I was a dork) LOL

Lighthouse in Duluth

Fountain in Canal Park

Stuffed monkey in the Store.

And of course we can not miss the stuffed Moose.
And last but not least. The US military out recruiting in Costume as Video game