Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Freedom

This was the first year we have let the oldest go off trick or treating without us the over bearing parents. She had the freedom to roam through town with her friends. She did very well check when she was asked to. Met up with us where she was told to. So all in all it was a good evening.

For little man that meant for him to have us with him. We started at the school. Trick or treated the hall and played a game. Then it was off and running to as many houses we could hit. At the first house we told him to get out of the car and go up to the door. He looked at us like we were freaks."By myself?!" Duh, go to the door knock and say "TRICK OR TREAT".

He was a little confused but up he went. Came back said "Now what?" Go to the next house. Well, needless to say he got the hang of it and did not want to stop. " ok, what next?" He wanted to go and go and go.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It could only happen.....

Saturday after we went to the Harvest fest we had to stop and get gas in the car(current price 2.04)as as we pull up to the pump Jim sees a car that has a sticker that says "honk for a Flash". Ok, so what does he want to do but Honk. I just laughed and headed in to pay the bill. As, I was walking in I see the car is full of BOYS. Ok time for me to be fun. He honked but no one flashed him. Still after I payed I again said something to the boys about the flashing. As I get to the car 4 boys jump out of the car and FLASH my husband. I laughed so hard. So what silly things has happened to you.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Harvest Fest

The kids showing off their horse skills. I know a little corney. LOL

This is a dragon. We did not get to see him move and eat pumpkins

Well now we know how tall they are.

This is the jail. Yes I bailed her out.
Any offers?This little guy was so cute. I could not resist taking his photo.
That was our day. I was not very impressed with the venue. We had to pay to get in and then for the things the kids wanted to do cost money also. We did do the mazes that was fun. To be honest the kids had more fun at the place we went to get our pumpkins. And boy prices are going up $.35 a pound. Tonight they are going to carve that will be fun.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friendship Award

Today I got the honor of a friendship award from Momma over at Sandcastle Momma. I have been able to meet lots of neat people and she is one of the best. Funny and good to talk with.

This award comes with 4 questions that need to be answered.

  1. Do you still have the same friends since childhood? No, I have grown quite differently then the people I was friend with then. I also moved alot. I did not go to the same schools as kids I was in grade school with or even middle school.

  2. What do you value most about your friends? There kindness and honesty. We do not have to always like the same things.

  3. Are your friends your sounding boards? You bet they are. Always there to listen and help.

  4. What is you favorite activity to share with your friends? Just hanging out. It could be just sitting around and watching a movie or going shopping. As long as we are having a good time that is what matters.

Thank you momma I feel the same for you. Sometime we will have that coffee on the beach.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Well, took the little man in and he has a double ear infection. He is on meds and should be able to return to school. Which he is excited about. See, tomorrow is a special day for him. It is parents day. I was not able to attend so his special friend Jackie is going to spend the day with him. Jackie used to baby sit him and he has always seem to have a special bond with her. He has gone to see her during the grand march for her prom and went to her graduation. He always has a blast with her. So he is excited to spend the day with her.

Home Sick

Well today is day 2 of my little man being home sick. He has been running fever on and off now for 2 days. Just when I think he is good to go his fever comes back full force. So, that means we are off to the doctor today. I have no one to watch him and am needed at work. It is always such a struggle for a parent. To be able to juggle family and work seems to be one of the hardest things. I have had my boss ask why my husband does not stay home and my response was you pay me what he makes in a day and that would be fine. (due to the fact I make almost $7 less than him an hour)
Brit has been so funny when ever she comes home from her fathers house. On Sunday when she got home she was telling Little Man how much she loves him. He of course being a little boy was bothered by this and was telling her to stop. We have come up with that her "new sister" is a pain in her butt. She has told us that her brother is so well behaved compared to her "sister". She enjoys the time with her brother and just does not enjoy the time with the "sister". She will not tell her father this thou she is afraid of something. I am waiting for her to tell me. I try not to push the other family buttons with her. I feel when she wants me to get involved she will tell me. she always does. Now she is learning that it is hard to make a decision between her friends and going to her fathers house. Last weekend she had forgotten she was going to her fathers and asked me if she could spend the night at her friends house. I had looked at her a minute and told her "no". Her eyes got really big and she said but my grades are good. I looked at her and said "that is not the reason. You have already made plans. You told your father that you were going to come over." She wanted me to be the bad guy and cancel her going over to her fathers. I told her she needs to decide and commit to what she does. So, we will see how it goes.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Strange things

This weekend I was at the hospital. As I was getting in the elevator I noticed in the garbage a Beer Can. Ok all I want to know is who was drinking it a doctor or a nurse. Who would be drinking beer up in patient rooms.
Why is mexican candy mainly chili seasoning. I bought the kids some candy when I was at the hospital. I went down to a place called Midtown Global Market. I figured it would be better than hospital food. And it was. I thought how the kids would like treats from Mexico. I guess I was wrong the treats were too much for them.
Other strange things :
I was reading Fox News and they felt it was important to report about a man who recieved special favors from car wash vacuum. I read that while riding home from work on my phone the other day. I really wonder what the world is coming to.

Monday, October 20, 2008

School is Over

I finished my last class on Lean Manufacturing last week. What a learning experience it was for me. Now I will see what kind of influence I have on others around me.
I picked up a laptop this week that way I can blog and watch TV at the same time. (OK not really) It will come in handy since I am always doing something on the computer and the kids need the computer for school that I have to stop and let them on. But now I can still surf and the kids can do the stuff they need to do for school.
Brit, is still going to be in the school play. That means she is doing good in school.
Little man is loving school. He is always happy to show me what he has done for the day.

Well that is the update for now I just have to figure this thing out some more and I will be able to blog and add pictures soon.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mid-Quarter Time

Here we are a new school year. I had told Brit that it was a new year for her. She was able to start the year off with a clean slate. She was in control of how she preformed in her classes.
The first week of school she had come to me begging me to allow her to try out for the school play. I was very hesitant. I was looking at her last years grades and how she had put no effort in to her work. But I reminded myself that it was a new year. And I needed to let her prove herself. I let her try out and warned her that in the rules they had sent home with the sign up information that if she fails any of her classes she would be kicked out of the play.
Now, we are at the point where we have received some of her mid-quarter grades and she is failing 2 classes. It is not that she is having a hard time in these classes or that she does not understand what she is being taught it is she is not doing her homework. We ask her every night about homework.( When I look at her mid-quarters I see she is getting A's and B's on her tests and quizzes.) All we here is I did it in class or only for few classes. Now we get the mid -quarters. I had told here that if she fails she will not only be letting us down but the entire cast of the play. Now if at the end of the quarter if she has not improved her grades they will have to let her go. So then she needs to explain to not only her classmates why, but her family that she has invited to come and watch her. I was really hoping that the play would be a strong enough encouragement for her to want to do her work.
I am at a loss. I can only help her when she wants it.
Any suggestions out there. I have tried a lot. Taking things away. Phone gone, MP3 gone going out with friends gone. Nice new clothing from stores she likes, gone. You name it I have tried.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Whats new

Our house has just been go, go, go lately. Work, school. Family gatherings. You name it. And things are not slowing down anytime soon. Saturday I go to the airport to pick up my grilfriend daughter in law. Hoping to get a little of the MOA in before hand. I am still holding out on turning the HEAT on. Gas prices scare me. I will hold out as long as possible.
Best conversation I had with the Little man was this:
Little man: "mom, Ironman comes out Tuesday!!!"
Me: "yes I know."
LM: "I get to watch it with Terrie on Tuesday!"
Me: "I know."
LM: Can I call her.
Me: If You must
LM: Terrie.... Ironman comes out Tuesday!!!!
ME: laughing because the converstaion was funny.
More or less the worked out that she would pick him up after school. So they could watch the movie right away. And not wait until 45 min after the bus got home.
Kids are great for the soul.