Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Decorations

Monday, November 12, 2007

Hello, Yes I am still here

Yes I am cold
they are out there..I just can not fine them
Isn't this a great view
Yep, I am bored
Long way down
I know it has been sometime since I have blogged. Deer hunting takes alot out of you.

No I have not got one yet but we have 2 in the garage from one of the other guys I hunt with.

Update on the job I did not get it. Thats ok. That just means there is something else for me out there.

So thats all for now

Friday, November 2, 2007

Show and Tell

Welcome to show and Tell hosted by Kelli. If you would like to participate jump over to Kelli's blog and jump on in. What a great way to make lots of new friends.

this week for show and tell I am showing a gift that my husband gave me about 4 years ago. Now it is an item that I only use a couple times a year. But it is one of my prized possessions. I had been wanting a gun for sometime. So, Mr. Wonderful went And got me one for Christmas. I am all about the right to bare arms and I believe in firearm safety. I took the class at 28yrs old just so I could hunt in Wisconsin. But I will not get on a roll about that today.

Remington 870 20GA

I know I am keeping you in suspense. So, I have this week is my Shotgun. And the reason I decided to put it on my show and tell this week is because tomorrow is opener morning for DEER HUNTING. ( I am so excited). I am also nervous. Because Jim is not going this year due to his broken arm. So it is just me(and some other guys that I know.)( Notice I said guys not GIRLS). So, I have everything ready to go Blaze hanging out side. Picked up license. ($27.00)

Extra Shells (13.99X2) New heat seat (5.00).

So I am ready for Saturday morning to get here. So please pray I am safe and that I can hopefully get a nice size deer for this year. Thank you for stopping by and visiting.