Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The odds

It is almost One years since my mom had been diagnosed with Cancer. And today we found out that my husbands mother also has cancer and hers is terminal also. What are the odds.
People always say God never put more in front of you than you can handle. But to me I have had to much death in my life. I shutter at the heart break I feel. All I can ask is WHY!?! Lately it seems that things will be back on track and then something comes and just knocks me off again.

What are they thinking

So, not to sound like a whiner because I hate it when all you hear about is people whining at work but here are my issues that I have been dealing with.
  • hours cut from four 10 hour days to five 8 hour days(only for dayshift)
  • expect employees to drive an extra day but no additional compensation
  • cut employees in half yet expect the same amount of work done in 8 hours that was done in 10

Key phrases lately out of the mouths of management

  • work smarter not harder (kind of hard to do when you run a two person machine with only one person)
  • If we do get out what needs to be shipped in 8 hours then we stay late and get it done.(All I can think is do you have a turd in your pocket because I am not staying later than my 8 hours)
  • Safety, Quality, Quanity (when they mean Quanity, Quanity, Quantity)

So, thats all for my whining today. Thanks for listening.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Geocaching Minnesota Style

We attended our first Event this weekend. And of course we had to deal with the change in the weather that we are so used to here in Minnesota. Earlier this week the temp out side was in the 70's. On this day it was 30's. But Like the USPS Nor rain, snow or sleet could stop us from caching. Off we went to hunt, hunt, hunt. We had such a good time and we really enjoyed being able to cache with other cachers. My kids got along great with the grownups. There were not many kids their age that attended. But hopefully we will meet more in the future. We hunted Caches all over the Mora area. Lots that we had not gone to locate. Some were very hard and dangerous. (steep hills and drop offs. MOM had to get those.) We of course took photos along the way to show what we were doing to share with our friend.The organizers of the event following us as we went.
On our way to search for our Caches and clues for our puzzles.
Here is everyone trying to figure out or clues. Even Curlie the Cache dog came for the fun.
After the event we decided to do a new Multi that had just been posted that morning. My little man found the first clue. He is right on top of it.(Opps, hopefully no other cachers from the area are reading my blog. Well, it is only the firsts of 3 caches)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Week at a Glance

This week has been a very eventful week for us.
My little man had "Mom's day at school" I was unable to attend so my girlfriend went as his special friend. It was really hard for me to miss this and when Brit was little and I could not go(I would ask her to go so she could have those memories with the kids) my mom always went. Now, that she is gone it gets hard. But, my girlfriend had no qualms about going. They had a good day did crafts and made cards for me.
On, Wednesday my husband got a call from his sister about his mom. She had to go in for a pre-op appointment last week for some minor surgery and they found some spots on her lung. She had a biopsy done and the test came back positive for cancer. We have not heard what kind of cancer yet so we will have to wait till next Tuesday for more information. I am having a hard time with this. I am hoping for the best that is not terminal. I talked with my SIL and cried with her and told her I was here if she needed me. Just when I think things are going good and on track I get a setback. My emotions are all over the place and I have a hard time getting them in check. All I can do is pray for the best.
Friday I sat out in the cold rainy weather for my garage sale. Did not sell a lots. So, we will see what today brings.
Today the kids and I have our first Geocaching Event we are very excited to go for this. I tell you how it went later.
So, here is your update I hopefully will have better news to post later.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Now my friend Sandcastle Mamma has been blogging about her husband the God Father. And I told her I would share my Mafia tale.
Now this goes back around 5 years ago. We were living in a trailer park at the time. Our neighbor had just sold her house to some college age kids.
After these kids moved in the parties began. Now it is winter time. So they are not hanging out outside. After about three parties I had had it. I put shoes on at went over at around 2am banged on the door and told them to knock it off. Now, here I am in jammies, hair wild, because I was trying to sleep. I gave them a piece of my mind at that time.
Moving forward 3 months it is nice out and my kids want to play outside. Ride bikes, and be kids. Well, our road became the race track. We lived two homes from the stop sign and for some reason everyone though the white on the outside of the sign meant it was optional. I was constantly telling them to slow down. The cops would not patrol because it was not a "legal" street. Meaning not maintained by the city. So, I had had it with the close calls with my kids and these College kids that I went over told the one I had the most trouble with that if I ever see you drive down this road like it is a race track again the cops will not be coming for you but for ME. Because when I am done with you there will be nothing left. After that we had no more problems with them. Instead they started to yell at cars going to fast also. One day we (all the neighbors) decide to have some fun with cars going to fast and water balloons. IF you were going faster than the posted 10 MPH then we would throw a water balloon at your car.
Well, we got one guy all pissed off. (Should have been going slower). He called the cops on us. They show up and we tell them that you guys will not do anything about the speeding here so we decided to take matters in to our own hand and water balloons. The cop says "The driver did not know it was a water balloon for all he knew you threw a Dead Cat at his truck." My husband say "No, we would have made sure it was alive when we threw it." Well, that did not make the cops any happier with us. But people sure watch how they drove down our road after that. LOL

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Round Robin Challenge

Welcome to my round in the Round Robin Challenge. I had so many ideas rolling through my head that it was hard to chose the right picture.

Here we have a variety of little dogs dressed the same. We have Curlie the Yorkiepoo, Isabelle the chihuahua, and Lola the Maltipoo. All wearing shirts that say together forever.

Thanks for stopping by my challenge I hope you enjoyed your visit.

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Now go and check out all the other Robins.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Opps I forgot the Turtles

This was so funny. I could not help myself but to be laughing the whole time.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Trip Home From Green Bay

We left around Noon on Sunday to head back home to northern MN. On our travel home we stopped at Doc's. What a Fun place to stop. Not only were there Harley's galore. There was a Zoo and a car museum.

Now I know you all have been wanting to know all about my comment yesterday so here are some great photos and video of our time at Doc's.
Jim playing kissy face with the camel.
The girls Dream Car. ($125,000.00)I will let this picture speak for itself

A Moose Harley Now that is cool.

The Welcome Home. Boy were we missed.

Yes, my furniture was everywhere. Flipped and moved all around the house. Boy my friends are great. That's OK Payback is coming they just do not know when or how. LOL

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Trip To Green Bay Part 2

So I showed you all the fun we had for my aunt. So, we also tried to go other places while we were in town. And around Green Bay.

Here is the Titletown Trolley. No we did not ride it but I thought it was cool to see.This picture was taken at Titletown Brewery. I have purchased beer and rootbeer in the past when we were there. What a good place to visit.They were both excited to be there. It was little mans first trip to Green Bay.Here are the kids in front of the statues at Lambeau.

Just do not look at the Gas prices. You may cry.This is where the Packers Practice.Of course there was Geocache hided there so we had to drop a travel Bug off.Armed Forces Memorial. Right across from Lambeau Field.

Little man in front of a mural inside Lambeau.

Now tomorrow I will be finishing our trip highlights. Here is some food for thought. Kissy face with camels. Furniture all over and Biting turtles. Making you think, huh.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Trip To Green Bay

OMG, I could not blog about going to Green Bay because it was a surprise for my Aunt Laurie. So, now I can tell you all about my trip. We left Friday early afternoon. We were headed to Green Bay for a surprise Birthday party at Lambeau Field. So, in preparation for my trip I looked to see about finding so caches while we were there. And to my surprise there was one right at Lambeau. (I was so excited I just had to call and tell someone. So I called my Aunt Janet. She knew nothing about geocaching but was excited for me.) We get there and enjoy some family time and then my aunt asked if there were caches around her area. Of course I only got around 20 to try to find if I have the time. So, my kids my self and my aunt and cousin went out on the hunt. Needless to say I think my cousin is very interested in doing this after going out with us.
On Saturday, We had to clear out of my Aunt Janet's house since she was on her way to get the Birthday Girl. And did not want her to know we were here. So, out and about Green Bay we went. Attempted to find caches but the weather was crappy. My other Aunt (Kim) had called me and said we could come over to her house since we could not check in to our hotel until after 3pm. We visited with her for a couple hours. She had gone to see Charlie Danial's Band the night before. (so cool) After that we headed to the hotel to get ready for the party. Everyone need to rest because it was going to be along night. (before we got to the hotel we found the Geocache at Lambeau but there were so many people around we had to wait till later to grab it).
We headed to the party early so we could get it decorated and get in place before she got there.
And the plan to get her there was that there was a new restaurant called ANCIENT RUINS for her to go to.
Boy, did we get her she was so shocked about the party.
Now because I have so many pictures to share I though I would just make a slide show for you to watch. Hopefully you enjoy it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Nightly Routine

Now every night Jim has to play with the dog or else. Curlie gets made at Jim. And begins to scratch at the blanket to get his attention. I and of course I got it on film for you to see
So, as you can see it is PLAY TIME.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

GeoCaching equals History lesson

Don't you just want to kiss them.
Yesterday the kids and I went out and did our thing of Geocaching. We of course had a blast. But, along the way we got a history lesson. (just do not tell my kids they were learning stuff they may quit.)

We learned about the Great Hinkley Fire. And about the original settlement of the Pine City.

I feel that as long as we are having fun, it was OK to look in to some history. And little man wanted to show his big sister things she missed out on last weekends Geocache so we had to go back and visit some places we have already been to.

Learning interesting stuff

Our little dog loves to go and Geocache with us.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Round Robin-Perfect sence caption

Welcome to my round of the Round Robin. I had so may pictures to choose from and then the perfect picture jumped out at me. I could not resist myself. Now this is not for the faint at heart. You also need to have a sense of humor when you see this picture.

This was photo was taken to prove a fact to this person that he is no longer a size 32 waist and it was time to buy clothing that fits. Enjoy.

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Thanks again for visiting.


Friday, April 4, 2008

Doctor Visit

So, after hearing that Britt's step mother was concerned about her cough I took her in. (told her she could not come back if I did not get her checked out). I took her to the same day clinic that is in our clinics that we go to. After sitting and waiting an hour and a half. We finally were taken in a to a room. Where we waited another half hour. The doctor looked her over and said your right it is just a cough. (duh). But if you want we can give her something to help mellow the the cough. OK, I am game to try. And she asked if we wanted to run blood work to verify that it was viral. I said OK we are here lets get this done.
So after all is said and done we have spent $30.00 office visit.
$45.00 RX
And no real problem except for a cough. Doctor called an hour later and said it was VIRAL. So, now we have a Inhaler with a very expensive tube ($25.00) to help administer the medicine and very strong cough medicine.
Now to her father this is not a big deal since he was able to get his child support dropped to $50.00 a month and no medical expenses to pay.
Now I look at it like this I just spent a days pay on stuff I really did not need to purchase. I got everything filled and picked up because I did not want to take a second trip to town in one day. So, since we have the inhaler we will try it out. The only thing that really bothers me is that I had to purchase the tube. Why couldn't the doctor just give me one? Instead of me buying one. I am in the wrong business.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Made it again

I made it through the 3rd layoff.