Sunday, October 25, 2009


Ok, so I know it is early to tell everyone what I want for Christmas. But I found the best thing. Best Buy is now offering a Pitch in card. Where you can go to the Best Buy Website and under the Gifts tab you can look for someone who has either posted a wish list or signed up for a pitch in card. I posted both. I want a new camera. Now, here I am giving my friends and family the chance to help me purchase my camera.

My new Tattoo

I am planning on getting a new tattoo. Here are two designed I like and am trying to decided which one to get. I think the first one is beautiful. But am worried that there may be to much detail and Jim's brother may not be able to do it.

This one I just love. It is cute and sassy. Just like me.

Now, I have a few others I am looking at. I do not have the pictures of them yet.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sex Education

Here is my experience with sex education at school. When I was in school and they were going to talk about sex a notice went home for the parents to see. That way the parents could discuss it a head of time with their child. Some parent opted to have their children not be in the class during that due to they felt it was a family matter and to be handled at home.
Now, yesterday my child came home with a hand full of literature about birth control. And informed me they were shown things related to ABORTIONS!!!!!!!!!! They gave them literature on the RU486 pill and Day After Pill. As a means of birth control. Excuse me, really.
I am not anti abortion but I feel it is not a form of birth control. I feel that if it is medically necessary or rape or incest then yes I am for it. But, birth control!!!!!!!!! Needless to say I was ready to fly through the roof. A pregnancy center that came in to talk to the kids told them that they recommended they not share this information with their parents. WHAT!? So, of course the first thing Brittany does is share with me.
Today, I did my own poll of how other parents feel about this subject and about how they would feel if there child was taught that abortion is a form a birth control. I will have to say that our country is not as Liberal as we thought. All the parent would be really upset by this.
I went to the school today and had a talk with the principal. Showed him all the information given to the kids. Yes, they had things on adoption also but there was more information about abortion than anything. Explained that the teacher over stepped her boundaries. And really upset me as a parent. I told him that my daughter was to be removed from that class. I also called other parents and informed them about this class and they were just as upset.
They also informed the kids that they could come in to the pregnancy resource center and get birth control and could have the morning after or the RU486 pill and they would not inform the parents. Now, I know all this but to tell a 14 year old child this!!!
I will be going to the center on Monday when they are open and giving them a piece of my mind.
What is this world coming to.