Saturday, November 29, 2008

Meat Processing Day

Today we began our adventure of processing our deer. Some pictures may be consider to be graphic so I am giving you a heads up. But, this is our life and what we do so we have the foods we like. Now we could take it to our local butcher shops but the cost of it is just not worth it for us since we have all the the tools needed to process. Here we have all the items needed to package our meat.
The first step is to skin the deer. Now these girls have been
hanging a while so they are frozen solid. Which makes
things a little harder to do.

For us this is a family affair. Everyone wants to be involved.



Now the fun of cutting.
And more cutting.
When everything is cut I get to the best part. Cooking the Tenderloins
Items needed. Not pictured meat.
Peppers, butter, liquid smoke, steak seasoning, garlic(not pictured)
and beer and Worcestershire Sauce (not pictured)

Melt 3/4 stick of butter with 3oz of beer 1Tbs of steak seasoning and garlic.
Add peppers. Add meat cook until meat cook all the way through. And liquid is mostly gone.

I had to cook additional meat.
Enjoy. This does not last long and really no reason for silverware or putting it in a pretty bowl
Because by the time you get back with the bowl its gone.

Now while the adults are working hard the kids are having fun playing video games

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

OMG. I survived. Menards was a blast waiting outside store for 1 1/2. In store for 7 min. Office Max wait 1hour. In and out in 15 min(had to pee). Off to mall. Again I say OMG. In Victoria Secret. Wait and wait and wait. Got what I went for. Bath and body works. Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait Check out. Got what I went for. Express. Got all the personal service I love. (this is a whole other topic) Special deals just for being me. Save a fortune. Herbergers in and out. Target in and out off to home I go. Home by noon.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL. Eat lots get your energy up because we all know what comes next. BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING. And yes I will be one of those crazy nuts out there. Stores open at 4am and I just do not know how I could miss that. LOL.
For today thou we will be deep frying our bird. And have all the fixings to go with it. Yummy.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A hunting Tale

Sorry the pictures are so blurry. I was using my phone.
Here you see one of the reasons why this year the harvest for deer was down 23k. The corn is still up. And even if you are in a stand 16 feet up that corn is still in the way.
This year we have harvested 3 deer so far with 5+ tags to be filled. This is one of the guys we hunt with. Behind him is CORN. Now some of the next pictures you may find graphic or offensive. Just give you a head up
Here is my handsome sexy hubby. (gutting deer)There is just something about him and hunting that makes me purr.

He is now telling her to spread them so he can finish the job. LOL

She came right up on him on the edge of the CORN. And no deer for me. Well there is always next year.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Great Great News

OK,so now I can spill my news. It has been killing me to keep my mouth shut. Last week was a weird week at work for my hubby. First his plant manager pulls him a side and asks him if he would be interested in doing a inspection type job. Then just yesterday he had a meeting with the president of his company to talk about how he felt about being a supervisor for his department. (his was demoted last week). So, today he was offered the position. And of course he accepted.
I am so proud of him and the hard work that he does. He has been able to prove himself to others and they see that he has great potential.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Buzz

We have done the Harry Potter books and movies. Currently we are just beginning the phase of the Twilight movie. Since we have read all the books. The actors we here in MN yesterday. My oldest darling wants to go to the opening night showing of the movie. She has been informed that is not going to happen. She was very disappointed. I explained to her that it is a school night and that if her report card did not have 2 F's (due to not turning work in and being lazy) she would have maybe been able to go to the midnight showing. Depending on how her week goes she will maybe be going on Saturday instead.
Our news find in the book realm is The 39 Clues. This is a interactive read. You read the books collect cards and play online. The kids and I have just started our journey. We have decided to make this a family thing. Book two comes out in December.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Strange Child

Such a cute child he is. Yet he really makes me wonder. This child LOVES and I mean LOVES laundry baskets. He is always playing in my laundry basket. He as I type is sitting in one watching TV.(no one is sitting on the love seat and there is room on the couch). He is very content to just sit and play in the basket. Any chance he get he takes them over. So this year for Christmas the child is getting his very own to play with. No toys for this child but a laundry basket.
So now for your viewing pleasure I give you my boy and the laundry basket.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Opener Weekend

Well it was opener weekend for Deer hunting. And Jim got ONE. I stayed in this weekend. Maybe next weekend will be my lucky weekend.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Video from the Musical

Sorry it took so long. Could not find the disk with the decoder for my camara.

I hope you enjoyed her preformance. I will be taking in one more show this weekend.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sound of Music

Here are the nuns

Von Trap Children
My beautiful daughter as a party guest

Children jumping on bed

Here is my girl playing Sister Bertha. She did so good. I was so proud.

And grandpa and Auntie came to watch the show. (of course the little man)They got the moneys worth. An hour drive for a 3 hour production.
The kids did great. I will add some video of the show later.