Monday, June 29, 2009

Funny and scary at the same time.....

Our kids stayed down at my girlfriends house last night. Now my girlfriend and her husband own a salvage yard. We headed down for the dinner tonight. My oldest has a car that she is aloud to drive in the yard. So, of course she wants to drive around.
Her and her brother are driving around the yard and my girlfriends husband decided to get the BB gun out and shot at them. We really did not think anything of it. Heck they do not get good range. Next thing you see is he comes in and says. " I think I have a full auto BB gun." So he heads out side with that. We still do not think anything of it.
Now Salvage Man comes in and says with big eyes " The good news is no one is hurt. But I shot out the drivers side window and all I see is Britt drop over to the passenger side. And the car go in the grass."
Needless to say the big kid Salvage man learned a lesson BB guns ARE scary. LOL
All had fun only a couple of scrapes. And Britt says, "next time I will drive faster so he can not shot the windows."
But we have all decided no more shooting at cars with BB Gun.
Lesson learned

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Annual Pool Party

2009 pool party. As the usual all the crazy characters were out. LOL.
Here is Grandpa George our host.

All the kids enjoying themselves

Our hostess Grandma Carol.

My sister inlaw Jen
Our good friend Bernie
Who said" nope you will not get me in the pool."

Boys contemplating on who was going to be thrown in the pool next.

Hanging out in the basement just like when they were kids.
Makes you think of..."That 70's Show"

Other sister inlaw Nicki with her boyfriend

Oh, look another one in the pool. LOL

Me and my love

Friday, June 26, 2009


Lately, I have had a lot of memories come to mind. My young man got severely sunburned the other day. It made me remember when I was younger and my dad got really super bad sun burn. He lived on his Lazyboy chair for days. He could hardly move. Now, my little guy is in that pain.
The, today I was making Egg Rolls. I have not made egg rolls since I made then for my mom. I have had no want to make them. Until today. Everyone here was overjoyed. I am glad to make them all happy. And I know it would male my mom happy.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Can you feel it hot, hot, hot...........that is all I can say about today. 93 degrees and heat index of 103. YUCK

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

HAPPY FATHERS DAY. To husbands,Fathers, Uncles,Brothers, and friends.

Thanks to all that makes a differance in mine and my families life.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My New Phone

I am really addicted to my new cell phone it does it all. I had to get a new phone after this weekend someone broke in to our car and stole my phone. So I had to move up my plan to get a new phone. I have been waiting and watching everything there is on the Palm Pre. I am so happy with this phone. I think it is so much fun. OK, back I go to playing with my phone. LOL

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Wow, I am back on 40 plus hours a week. It seems the past two weeks we have been non-stop busy. I am just beginning to catch up with last weeks schedule.
OK, now the funny:
Last night we were in bed for maybe 45minutes. (anyone who knows us knows we go to bed early on week nights) Jim reaches across the bed and shakes me. "We're late for work!"
I said to him "What?!"
"It is 9:15!" He says.
Now all that is going through my head is how am I going to explain being late to my boss when I call in.
Final my eyes begin to focus and I reach for my cell phone to call work and low and behold it is 9:15..............PM.
"Jim it is PM not AM."
He asked me "are you sure?"
"Yes, dear. Let's go back to bed."
That is the funny of our day so far.