Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Kind of Sleepover

We have an nontraditional type of sleep over that happens quite often in my home.

No, it is not a bunch of kids or strange parties.

We have doggie sleep overs. We have more dogs spending the night than children.

Really.....currently we have 4 dogs in my house as I type this. I have my 2. And then I also have 2 of my girlfriends.

Why you ask? I have no clue it is just fun. All the dogs get along and they make less noise than kids. LOL Really have you ever tried to sleep with girls giggling. Not a easy task. And little boys yep you know if they are to quiet they are up to something. With dogs they all stay near you sleep at your feet and really are not that demanding. And the kids seem to enjoy it also.
pictured is from left to right:
Curlie, Ruger, Voodoo, Charlie.
And of course my beautiful kids.
Yes three of them are related

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Valentine

My husband is the most amazing man. He accepts me with all my faults. Never judges me for a action that I may make to be a wrong one.
Here is a example:
Yesterday, my girlfriend was having some issues at home and needed a break. I felt she needed someone with her. SO, I decided to go with her where ever she wanted to go. I called Jim and told him that I was going away for the night with her and not wanting to put him in the middle of the situation I told him I would not tell him where we were. He just said "That is fine. She needs you do what you need to do."
Later on I got a text from him. "I am running a fever of 101.9"
I asked him if he needed me to come home.
He told me "No, she needs you more than I do!"
All I could think is how did I end up with such a wonderful man. Here he is sick and he is putting my friend before him. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The man is my rock. He keeps me level. He loves me for who I am not for how I am. He loves me when I am a crab and judgemental. He loves me when I am selfish. He loves me when I am distant. He loves me when I am hostile. He loves me!!!!!!!!
I thank the lord everyday for bringing this man in to my life and completing me as a person.
Celebrate the ones you love and Cherish them always and forever.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things going on

Where does the time go. Things have been so busy and yet so slow.
Let's see what news do I have. I made it through another layoff. We are down to 14 people on my shift. It is a dramatic change. We used to be at least 30-40 strong. Even with the current layoff there is still no work.
OK, some entertainment. Yesterday, I was attempting to move a waste barrel (weighs at least 300-400 lbs)at work. It is kept in a 4 inch high tub. With it being in in the tub it is even harder to move. I was finally able to get the dolly in and hook the barrel hook. I climbed up on it to tip it back. And boom!!! The hook undid it self from the barrel and I went flying back into the sink. The sink broke. It is more like a laundry tub but still it broke under my butt. I am fine. Don't worry. Just a little banged up and embarrassed about the sink. And I have been getting crap about it all week. LOL

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


What does someone do to get a salary of $500,000. I am really asking for an honest answer.
I guess the way I look at is really the little people do all the hard work for the little money and somehow the Big Office guys bring in the big pay. Yet, when they have to down size the first to go are the little guys not the big salary guys. Is it not funny how business works. LOL.
Well that is enough on that.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Why Everyone Should Live in MN ...........

Ok maybe you do not have to live here but with the type of weather we have you never know what to expect sometimes.
This weekend we had almost 45 degree weather. Beautiful. No coats sun shining. And then today the high we 12 at 5am. By the time I got home it was 7 degrees. And to top it off. The kids left the door open when they went to school. First thank god we live in a small town nothing was missing. But the Furnace ran full all day long. When I got home it was still only 60 degrees in the house and furnace blowing full blast. The upstairs was warm as can be but the downstairs is just a little chilly. So how was your day?