Sunday, August 9, 2009

Flea Market

I have been selling at Flea Markets almost every Saturday this summer. It is quite interesting to say. The people you meet is just amazing. And the things you see people buying and selling. Well, that is amazing also. I have a large variety in what I sell. I sell dog and cat toys and treats along with antiques. I have a few miscellaneous items also. One never knows what they will sell or if anything but it is fun.
When you are new to venue the veterans are one of two ways. Either they are very helpful or they are vultures. I have had dealings with both. See they come over to see what you have and they are very smart about values of most items. And if you have something valuable marked really cheap they grab it right away. So, they can sell it at there stand.
I know my pricing is good. Because they look at what I have but do not try to buy it. I only had one buy from me and turn around and put the item in there stand. I still made a profit off of it so I was good with it.
Then you have the helpful vendors. That want to talk with you and get to know you and help you set up with out anything in return. They are also the ones that will reduce prices on things for you if you are looking to buy.(I got a pair of Born Boots for $35.00 ). Some are willing to share coffee in the morning and just all around good people.
Yesterday I had a vendor want to trade with me. I have a Monmouth, Ill Cookie jar(formerly Western Pottery). I am asking $35.00 or best offer on it. He have this beautiful antique corner shelf. He was asking $200.00. He started the day offering me trade plus $150.00 by the end of the day he wanted to strait up trade. I could not fit it in my car and was not going to strap it to the roof.
Last, week I made a great sale I have a Hull vase that was picked up at a garage sale for .25 and I was able to sell it for $80. This week is what I call a mans week. The men were out looking for tools and such but the ladies were not shopping. It did not help that the weather was crappy also.
That is my adventure at the flea markets

Saturday, August 1, 2009

What I should be doing.....

Instead I am up before the chickens and am on my way to sell at a flea market. Someday I will learn. LOL