Sunday, August 31, 2008

Remembering When....

I love to listen to all kind of music. Rock, counrty, metal, some rap. I was listening the other day to the local metal station and started to remember things. many years ago there was a Night club that always had live bands. My girlfriends and I woudl go there and listen to the bands all the time and sometimes Big acts would come in to town and play there. I ended up working there doing stage lighting for the club. Some of the local bands would use me at other venues and if the national acts did not have any one I would do theres. So, as I listen to the radio I think of all the bands I worked for and wonder where thy are now. Are the local guys still playing. Or are they like me all grown up.
I am able to tell my kids that I met all sorts of famous people and I inform them that I was not and I repeat was not a Groupie. I always got respect from the bands and their crews. I would be invited after the show to hotels and on buses and sometimes I would go with their understanding that I was not a toy to be payed with like some of the other girls they had with and I demanded respect. I remember standing outside a tour bus and refusing to get on because they and porn on and I was not there for that. They turned it off right away. We just sat around and BS'd for a while and the looks I would get from the "groupie" girls as they were escorted off the bus were to die for.
I am glad I have those memories and I am glad I can look back proudly and tell my kids that I did lead a cool past.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I have time off

I have a full NINE days of no WORK. what do I do? Sleep till noon, haha. Not me I will be up with the birds. My goodness. The things I could do. I do know I plan on cleaning the carpets. Since the kids go back to school on Tuesday I will not have to worry about them getting in the way.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Laundry Mat

Last Sunday my girlfriend and I decided it was just faster to do my laundry at the laundry mat. So, with a roll of quarters and laundry soap off we went. We loaded the machines set them on the best cleaning cycle we could get and went to veg at her store. When the washing was done we loaded them in the dryers and set them for 2 hours and off we went.
Where did we go you ask, but to the salon. It is always so relaxing to have someone else wash your hair and style it. Well, at least I think so. Now, here we are dressed not in our best with no makeup on and beautiful hairstyles. Sorry no photos. The girls at the salon ask if we were going anywhere special for the day. We told them nope just needed to be a little pampered. Our time was running short so back to the laundry mat we go just as I am finishing folding the clothes my cell phone rings. It is my wonderful unsuspecting husband. "where are you at?" "Just finishing the laundry honey." Knowing I am going to be found out as soon as I walk through the door but it was oh so fun. I am glad I went to the laundry mat. I think I am going to make it a monthly thing.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Round Robin Photo challenge

Hello long time no photos. Welcome to my Round in the Round Robin.
Art is the challenge:

both pieces are located in Minneapolis, MN

This is located on the State Fair Grounds.

Do you have over Due Library Books

Yesterday morning I was driving to work and I had heard this story on talk radio about a woman being arrested for over due Library books. I could not believe it. Now the fact that if she had been pulled over for some reason and then they saw she had a warrant. But no they went straight to her home to arrest her. Now this tells me first I better check and see if I have any library books here and return them fast. And the cops in that town have a lot of time on their hands. This town must have no crime or something. So, all of my friends out there please make sure you do not have any over due books, and if you do please return them or else we will be hearing about you getting arrested.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Costly mistake

Yesterday the kids decide to go to the neighbors garage sale. Now my youngest is a car kid. He loves car and truck anything automotive. So here they had a small semi that was possible a collectible. Now collectibles are no no's with my little guy because he wants to play with them. There for I do not buy them. Now since I was at work Little man decided he wanted this truck and went and got his $$$. Now, he did not have enough for this truck so instead of taking what he had our neighbor charged him full price. Now the oldest had to give him $$ to cover the cost. Now they are both out money because I decided not to make them return this truck and get their $$$$ back. (we know the neighbor very well). I told them both they will not be getting any money from me. I give the truck 2 days before it is trashed and here he could have bought at least 10 hot wheels for what he payed for this on little truck.
Hopefully lesson learned on both kids part.

Monday, August 18, 2008


I know it is a curious work to head with. Today my oldest is with her Biological father and his wife as they are at adoption proceedings for there new daughter. I have a lot of feelings about this.
First being I do not understand how the State would allow a man who can not even take care of his own obligation(my daughter) adopt another child. I have had to take this man to court on a number of occasions to get him to pay his support. And now he is adopting a child. Now, I understand that they probably love this child and care for her but I look at it logically that it this man can not hold a job that pays more than 5.00 an hour and can not work more that 20 hours in a week and can only afford to pay $100.00 out of the $430.00 (plus medical) that was his monthly amount he owed until he asked for a modification. Now he can only afford $100.00 and no medical. The thing I asked was can I modify all the costs that it cost to feed, cloth and provide housing for my daughter. Of course, no one helps me out. (other than my wonderful, handsome husband)
So, maybe I am wrong. If I am someone please give me another prospective.
I understand that there are children out there that need homes and parents but I wish someone would have asked me. Or that they would have looked at this mans history. Even his job history would show that he is unable to afford to take care of a child. (personal opinion).

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oh Yeah I have a winner.....

Life never stops long enough to think. So I had asked if anyone new where that Building was locate and the architect was. Well, you were all right about who designed it but only one of you got the location correct. Great job Mamma.
Last weekend I had gone to Cloquet, MN to visit some friends and remembered the gas station and its history. First it was the only one he designed and it just celebrated its 50th anniversary.
So everyone thank for your entries ant taking time to stop in.
Oh, the prize is a Olympic pin for the 2008 games.
So Mamma contact me through my contacts so I can send it your way.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Contest Time.....

OK not only do you have to name the architect. But you also have to name the city this building is in. All correct bloggers will have their name put in a hat/box to find out who wins. You do not have to have a blog. All comments welcome.

What will I win you ask well that is to be determined.......

Contest ends 8/15/08 at 6pm central time.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Blast to the Past

Yesterday we went to a Threshing show. This is where you see trackers from the past. We try to go every year so this year I did not take as many photos.

They had new things for the kids to do this year. One of them was to make your own walking stick. so while everyone we were with walked around and explored the show and the Flea Market I sat with the kids while they made their walking sticks. They got to see and feel how hard it was to do. And to be honest it was a little scary watching them with the sharp tool in their hands. Pulling it towards them , pulling it towards them and so on.

We got in to these types of shows because I guy I work with is really in to the whole steam tracker thing. Every summer he goes to around 3-5 shows. Of course we had to stop and say hello. What kind of person would I be if I did not. (plus he had food).

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pine City Demo Derby

Wow what a cool weekend we had. Two nights of Derby action. Now when you live in the boonies you look forward to derby season. It is what we do. Last year Mr. Man became the One Handed Wonder after driving in a derby. So this year was off limits. Not that I was afraid he would get hurt it was just the funds were not there to do it. But that did not stop him from helping where ever he could.
It is unbelievable the hours that went in to these cars. Just to be smashed up.

I took so many pictures that you could spend a year looking at them. Plus I took video also.

Friend and family. Yep that our group in the orange shirts.
Everyone likes to have their picture taken.

So before you hit play get your corndogs and cheese curds and to wash it all down, a beer.
It will be like you are sitting there watching. I had to shorten it to under 10 min I originally had it at 21 min.