Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Week Three

I have just finished my third class on Lean Manufacturing. I am already seeing things in a new light. And understanding why we do things the way we do now. One of the things I have discussed with someone who has taught this at my work is that now that I have been taking this class I am more receptive to the whys and the hows of things that management wants to do. He had said "maybe we should focus more on training instead of just telling people about what we are trying to do." I agree with him about that. I now see that they are not trying to make what I do harder or eliminate my job but to make it easier and free me up to do other things. I hope that when this is done I will be able to use what I learn on another level for my company.
I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yep I am here

I have been super busy lately. I started my class and have been learning lots. The fun part is that my husbands company is also taking this class. So, I am in class with all of his upper management. (Owner to plant manager). And yep they all know who I am.
No that is not a bad thing. Since he is a good worker we have nothing to worry about. (no worries my mouth will not get him in trouble. LOL)
Kids are doing great in school. Britt is going to be in the school musical. So she stays after school everyday till 6pm. There are some nights that I wonder if things will ever slow down.
I ahve been helpping my friend with invoices for his business. And I have been putting a lot of time in at my girlfriends Video Store.
So blogging has not been on the top of my list. I would be if I had a lap top but not yet may be some day.
Well, Got to go time to read with the youngest.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

1st Day of School

Yesterday the kids went back to school. Yippee. As is the routine I am always home for the first day. I love to watch them get ready. I am also home in case some one is so excited they get sick and need to come home.(that has happened to Brit)

This year we never received a notice about the kids bus. We live in a town that is SIX blocks long. Yet for some reason we have 2 buses that come in to town. The one the kids have taken in the past was down at the Post Office. The other goes to the house behind our home. Last year they added the second bus(the bus also pick up the kids that live farther out than us). We never received a notice on the bus. As in what time it will be at its stop or which bus. Thinking they took their heads out of their Butts and put my kids on the one right behind the house, I sent them to that bus.

Later in the afternoon I received a call from the bus company.

"We are calling because your children road the wrong bus this morning. And they need to ride the other bus. That is the bus they are assigned to." Bus company says

"Well due to the fact that we received no information on which bus the kids should ride and the bus they road drives in front of my house and picks kids up right behind my house to me it was the logical place for them to catch the bus." I say back.

"It is a block either way for the kids to go. So they must be on the other bus tomorrow. We will let them ride it home tonight."BC informs me.

I am steaming. Now I tend to fly off the handle and say awful things when I am angry. I just say Fine. Knowing I will be going to the school in the AM to deal with this.

After school gets out I wait for my children to arrive home. In the door walks Brit. "Where is your Brother?"

"Vicky the bus driver would not let me on the bus. She told me to ride the other bus home. And I she would not let me take him off the bus." Brit tells me.

OK the school has not called so he is on a bus. But where is he. We see the other bus. Nope he does not get off the bus. My heart is racing. Ok the bus has yet to come full circle. Finally a half hour later here comes my Little Man. All by himself.

That was our exciting First Day of School.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Can you Picture this.....

I figured I would share a fun thing that happened last weekend. My family and my girlfriends family headed to St. Cloud for the day. Now the guy had plans to go to a gun show there fore it left us girls to go SHOPPING. We figured we had a good 2-3 hours before we would see the guys again. We took our time got pedicures and decided to browse around Macy's. When low and behold my phone rings.
"Where you at?" asks my wonderful Husband.
"Macy's. Where are you?" knowing the answer already.
"In the food court ready for Lunch."he says
Crap they are back way to soon. Have not done any shopping.
They find us in Macy's just as we are buying shoes were really do not need but want really bad. So, now we have 3 men and a 6 year old boy watching our every move.
We head back over to the food court figuring we can fill their stomachs and push them towards the sports store. Oh, no they have already been there.
So, now we have the men tagging along with us to all our favorite stores and watch every penny we are trying to spend.
Finally our last stop was VS. I had a coupon for FREE panties. Duh, I am going in. My loving caring husband has to stay out in the hall because our son will not go in to this store for any reason what so ever. My girlfriends husband is now the only man with us in the store. Trying to be coy I act like it embarrasses me to have him with. Nope does not work. Next thing you know he is helping me pick out PANTIES. I love to buy panties. And there is so many to choose from.
Now I have this knowledge that he enjoys picking out panties. So if you ever see me in my tiger striped panties you will have the same knowledge as me that he helped pick them out.
Moral to this story is......Bring 2 cars and find a different mall so they can not find you.