Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Car Crazy

Today I have been feeling yucky. I decided I would head home early and try to rest and see if I can kick this bug. I made a quick stop on the way home and low and behold my car won't start.
All I can think is "why me!!!!"
I call Jim at work. Explain to him that the car will not start and I do not feel go and I want to go home. When he gets there he has no jumper cables or tools in his car. We run to the store and purchase what we think he will need.
Nope that did not work. He thinks it is the battery. He pulled it out we run to the part store and find out the battery is good. Next thought is the starter. We purchase a new refurbed starter. And the tools need to put it in.
Nope that is a no go. We then drive toward home. We stop at the local parts store and talk to a friend that owns the store. We decide to go back and in a sense tried to hot wire the car. Nope that did not do it. Come to find out that in the ignition there is a something that reads the chip on the key. Well, they are not working so the car is acting like it is anti theft mode. I have now purchased the part we needed. I am home waiting for my wonderful husband and his friend to return with our car so he can fix it. And to top it all off I still feel like crap. Need to go to work in the AM. And will not have gotten the rest I wanted so badly.
So, that's my day. I hope everyone had a better day.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School Has Started.....

Both kids super excited for today. They can not wait to see what is in store for them this year.
Micheal is in 2nd grade this year and Brit is a Freshman in high school.
Good luck guys mom loves ya.