Friday, March 27, 2009


All over the news you hear about the flooding in East Grand Forks and other areas in both MN and North Dakota. We live east(way east) of the areas being talked about on the news.
What we do not hear about the other rivers and towns that are flooding. Thank goodness that we live high up. The river here in our town has begun to flood yards and some houses over the bridge in one area. Also, fields near the river are flooding.

Here is the river almost up to the road

The garage is almost waist high with water.

Every year the river rises but this year it seems to be higher than normal.

This field is almost half way covered with the river

A large area in the cemetery is under water.

It is hard to see but the water is moving fast. I did not try to cross it. I am crazy but not that crazy

I was around 5 feet away from the edge of the water and road.As, you can see by the pictures that river is rising all over. I hope it does not rise any more. With all the melting and rain it is only getting higher. The ground is still froze so when it rains it has no place to go. My yard is like a muddy swamp. I have boards to walk on so I do not sink in the mud. Now keeping the little boy on the boards is a challenge. He got his shoes full of mud so guess what he decided to use mine. And yep they got covered in mud.


Sunday, March 22, 2009


Yesterday we went KFC. As we were eating the all you could eat buffet I started to remember a funny store.
Here is how it came up.
"Mom, why do they have cameras?"
" So, no one will steal the chicken."
As, my son looks at me with a look of why would anyone steal chicken?
I then told my husband and him about the times as a child we would go out to a dinner club as a family and my grandmother was known by all in the family to carry baggies in her purse.
Grandma would grab extra chicken, rolls and butter to bring home with her. I remember as a child thinking this was a good idea. Like grandma said "Its all you can eat. They just did not say when you had to eat it." LOL
Now, as an adult I look back and laugh.
"Mom, will you go to jail if you steal chicken?"
Hum, how do I answer that correctly? "How about we do not try it. Better to be safe than sorry." Because if I said no to him he would have wanted to try it. And that was just a bridge I was not ready to cross.
Now, we will not tell him about how mom used to do dine and dashes with her friends. Or how we would take coffee pots and silverware and other table essentials from one particular restaurant. LOL Yes I feel guilty abot it now. And I know what I did was wrong.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Display before 12:01am Unopened with everyone watching it like a hawk.

Well, we did it. We had such a nice time together. Talked alot about lots of things. Britt was so excited to be able to get the movie and come home and watch it right away.
My beautiful girl. Had no clue we were going tonight.
Very cool she thought.

They had cake and little gifts for people so it was nice to talk with other parents and the kids.

The cake before they cut it. Now the frosting turned everything black.
Lips, teeth, you name it.


We are going to the Twilight Release tonight. Only thing is Brit has no clue. I am so excited. So who else is going?

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Wedding Pt. 2

So, today I can post more pictures of the wedding. Congrats Adrianne and Joe.(you too Dad)

Here is dad get his Son in laws together.

Miss Liv being her cute normal self.
Adrianne trying to get pictures with her niece and nephew

Adrianne and her new in laws.

Here I am with the cutiest baby in the world. My niece. I could just eat her up. She is so cute.

This Krista and Brit hanging out.
And the rest of the kids found the Wii.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Wedding

It is official all the Tilkens Girls are off the market.

Here is a brief overview of pictures. More to come on Monday.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance.......I thought our school was a Zero Tolerance school. If you were in possession of illegal drugs you were expelled.
Nope that is not the case. Our school gives you multiple chances. If you have drugs on you get 5 days suspension. 5 DAYS....What is that telling our children. Its OK, we just slap your hands and that is it. I know if you were in possession and were pulled over by a cop you would be arrested and have to go to jail.
Recently a child in my daughters class brought drugs to school. This child bragged to someone about it and and was busted. They then bring drug dogs in the school to search for more. And now this child is coming back. My daughter and her friends are upset that this is happening. The feel all this child is going to do is brag about it. If they had their way this child would no longer be able to attend their school. And I agree with that. And I even looked at it as if it was my child. Yep, I would want there to be repercussion for her actions. I always tell my daughter that for every action there is a reaction. Whether it is a good or bad action.
What do you think? Am I wrong for thinking that way?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Things They do for Beauty

Here we are enjoying a mother daughter moment. Coloring of the hair. And of course what kind of mom would I be if I did not document it. LOL Hair color is so much fun you can mould the hair to do funny things. And she is such a good sport about it all.
Love you kiddo.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Additional Reponsibilities At Work

Around a week ago I waste asked if I would be willing to become the "Champion" For our 5S team. Lead the meetings, set the calender ,review and chart the audits. And so on. This was brought up through our upper management team that I would be a good person for this job.
I am very excited. I will be juggling both my regular job duties on the shop floor and working on my 5S duties. Currently there is no additional pay for this and I understand that with the way things are it is hard to give raises when the funds are not there. So, I will wait and prove myself and take it from there.
Then this week I was president of my company to go to a meeting with him out side our company. I am really excited for that. I will be the first non management or office employee to attend one of these meeting. What can I say my world is looking a little brighter lately.
Now, I still have the people around me upset that I get to take part in things that they do not so there is a little resentment. All I have to remember is I have worked really hard to get where I am at. I done some schooling and am more than willing to voice my opinions when I feel it maybe helpful. LOL Seriously, I have been working really hard. And feel that I am looked at as a valuable member of my company.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

School rules

Did you know at my daughters school I can not send a note stating I will be picking her up early or saying she will not be in school. If I do not give them a valid in their terms excuse it will be an unexcused absent.
I as a parent have to get a note from the doctor stating that yes I did bring my child in for an appointment.
As a parent I can not take my child out of school for a family trip. It will be considered unexcused.
Do you know how dumb you sound telling the doctor that you need a note from them proving that I brought my child in for an appointment.
And if I do not provide proof and I take her out of school to much in their eyes I will go to court.
Now if she was skipping school and I as a parent did nothing about it, yes I agree I should go to court. But if I say we have to go out of town or she has to see the dentist or doctor I should not have to prove anything. AGH.............
Now for my youngest I do not need to do any of this. Go figure.