Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Update on Enough Snow

Here are some of the views from the car as we were driving from the Doctor. (no I did not take the pictures)
Almost got stuck. Never got close to the ditch thou.

Of course only one child wanted to be outside. It was a fight to get him to come in.
So I hope you enjoy our snowy weather.

Enough Already

Today we are getting more of this white stuff. Looks like to we are getting another 6-10 inches here at my house. It has been really warm the past couple of days so most of the previous snow is more like ICE. Now we add fresh snow on top of it. I would have no problem with it normally but, today I need to drive to town. I have to go and see the doctor. No problems just getting prescription refilled before the new year and new insurance kicks in.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Is Over

I am happy to say Christmas is over. I love the holiday don't get me wrong. But, my body takes a toll. I now have the Christmas cold. I am all stuffed up could hardly sleep last night because I could not breath.
The kids scored well. For Little man we went the k'nex route. So he has been building all sorts of things. We had gotten him a set for his birthday that came with a container to keep them in. With that though I thought all of his others would fit. Nope I was wrong. Yesterday we picked up a 12gal container to hold them all.

For the oldest Girl it was a fashion Christmas. She never really tells me what she wants so I have to go on instinct and pray she will be happy with her gifts. I think by the reaction on her face that I did well.(thanks to ebay)

That big smile is due the the fact that she has just received a Dooney and Bourke purse.

Now, it is time to take the tree down and put Christmas away.

I also have to remove all breakables out of the family room since we also got a 3-1 game table. All I can imagine is ping pong balls flying across the room and breaking something. LOL

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. We have an event full 2 days ahead of us. Today I will be pestered by my children to open their presents. While I make Egg rolls for my Aunts house this evening.
I did give my husband one of his gifts early. Actually it is for the whole family. I purchased a Bluray Player.
On Christmas day we will be driving to New Alburn, MN. It is around a 2 1/2 hour drive to spend the day with my husbands mom. After that we head home to spend the evening with some of our closest friends.
I can not wait for this to all be over. LOL

Monday, December 22, 2008

Little man's Birthday

Due to weather being crappy and me havingmy hands full I forgot my camara. There fore I had to use my cellphone. Sorry about the qualiy of them.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Little Mans First Concert at School

This is very funny to watch. My little man is in the back row in the green shirt getting his arms stuck on the risers. I am glad the program was only a 1/2 hour long because the kids were losing interest fast.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Strange But True

The other morning on our way to work we did the normal thing of stopping for gas. As we pull up to the pump I see a gentleman walking in the station with a strange hat on. I think "hum, that looks like an Amish Hat. But I see no buggie." Now I am walking in an look to my right and low and behold it is a group of Amish people climbing out of a van. Smiling to myself I do what comes natural to me and say "hello". No response back. I have now come up with they really do not want to have nothing to do with my kind. And here I was thinking of asking them if my oldest could stay with them so she could see how easy her life really is. Not now! If they do not have the ability to respond to a friendly gesture how do they treat each other. OK, I know these are my opinions from a one time meeting.
Other things. Now I really do not like to talk politics. The debates they cause can wreck friendships. But this whole thing going on in Chicago really has me talking. When they had the news conference and they investigator said "Illinois is the Most corrupt state" I just could not stop laughing. I guess you have to look at its history and ask yourself were you really surprised.
And the employees taking over the window plant. Yeah, that was awesome. I would do the same thing.
I got somewhat good news. Instead of the company I work for losing 150k this quarter we made 18k. Which does not seem like a lot but that mean the we are doing something right.
So how has your week been going?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Favorite.....

This is my favorite time of year I love to be able to pull out my christmas stuff. Here is my favorite.


My shoes. I have roughly 25 pairs of shoes. Most are for summer. In my pictures I did not show my work shoes. I have 2 pair that I wear there. I also have my fuzzy Croc's.
These are my newest shoes. I love them. My wonderful handsome husband picked them out for me.
Look how shiny they are. And so pretty. They feel wonderful to wear

Here is another angle of them.
And look they even came with dust bags to store them in. These are my creme de la creme of shoes. And so far they are my favorite. Now as long as I can keep the dogs away they should be beautiful forever. Also the daughter. She loves these shoes she was hoping they would not fit me so she could have them.

Friday, December 5, 2008

A Day Off

So I have today off of work. No I did not take a vacation day. With the housing and building market down it reflects down my way in the food chain. There fore we have been reduced to 32 hour weeks. Some employees work Monday - Thursday and others work Tuesday - Friday. We need to ensure we have all 5 days covered. All I can ask is please people start buying Windows!!!!! OK I know we are in a recession. But when the time comes to buy think of me. I only make the components for one of the big name window makers out there. (sorry I do not get discounts I can toss your way)
So here are my plans for today. Laundry.( I missed my Friday laundry days), wrap Christmas presents (no kids home I can do it all out in the open) Organize my shoes(yes I really need to do that). My husband says why do you have so many shoes when you only have 2 feet. I will have to photograph my shoes so you can see what he is talking about. Just like clothing he asks me why I have so much. Hmmm, lets see. We live in a state where I need 2 wardrobes. One for summer and one for winter. And then I have my work clothes I do not work in a office I work manufacturing so I need clothing that can get yucky. Then I need non work clothing. I like to look nice so sue me. Plus, I have already eliminated 4 bags of clothes that I do not wear.
I think this evening I will have the kids trim the Christmas tree. We already have the yard set up with lights it just does not look as good as it would look out there if there was snow. Something about brown grass just does not make you think Christmas.
So what are your plans today?